Sunday, April 12, 2009


My kitty is missing and I'm very depressed about it. I hope she comes back. :(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nomadic Tendencies

As some of you know I recently moved to Indianapolis, IN from the Erie area of Pennsylvania. Originally a friend/coworker at that time, was going to move with me, but in the end decided to stay back in PA. Well, recently she has decided that she would very much like to move out here after all. So I made arrangements and we are going to move into a 2 bedroom townhouse within the same complex where I currently rent a 1 bedroom flat. To spare some details, my leasing people got dates screwed up and I was told last minute that I need to be out of my current apartment about a week earlier (within the next 4 days) than suspected. Perfect. I'm done stressing out about it, but it had me thinking about how much I have moved since I left Corry, PA for college at Kent State University. I remember a conversation with my greatly adored manfriend (who has ever so kindly put up with my ranting and raving and stressing out over the current and many other wearing situations)and I recall him saying "moving is exciting." I replied, "Not when you've done it as much as I have." So I really started to think about it, and below I have jotted down all the moves I have made since I graduated High School in 03. I speculate if the wandering gypsy thing I've got going is a result of the many moves I made even as a wee babe. I was born in Denver CO, went to PA at a few months of age to live with my Grandma while my mom finished out art school. Before a year old moved to Virginia. 12 days after I turned a year old, moved back to PA (consequently on the day of Corry's famous tornado. And between then and when I graduated high school, lived in 4 different houses within the Corry area. And now, since I'm sure I've got you all on the edge of your seat with my life map, here is why I am not exactly overzealous to pack up all my crap one more time.

Aug 03 - Corry, PA - Kent State, OH to Verder Hall - click here to see KSU Campus Map.
May 04 - Kent to Corry for the summer.
Aug 04 - Corry to Kent to Centennial Court D
Nov 04 - Centennial Court to Lake Hall
May 05 - Lake Hall, off campus in Kent
August 05 - Kent to Corry, Corry to Sewickley (Pittsburgh) PA
Oct 05 - In Sewickley moved to apartment across the hall and acquired a roomate.
Jan 06 - Sewickley, PA to Canonsburg PA
June 07 - Canonsburg to Waterford, PA (Biggest mistake of my life thus far)
July 08 - Waterford PA back to Corry PA
Sept 08 - Corry, PA to Indianapolis, IN (Biggest and best move thus far)
April 09 - Moving 150 yards east to a different Apt within the same complex and acquiring a lovely roommate.
Sept 09 - Chicago IL??? We shall see. If so, hopefully I will have found my niche for at least a few years.